viernes, diciembre 22, 2006

Martijn Slegers
Desde hace poco estrenó un blog de ambigramas el holandés Martijn Slegers. Aquí está su dirección para quienes deseen visitar la página. Espero que observen su trabajo y aprecien su calidad.

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Martijn Slegers dijo...

Muchas graçias, Alberto!

I'm really sorry, but my Spanish is not good enough to write this message in that beautiful language :)

I am greatly honoured by the ambigram you created of my name! I know about your work and your site for quite a while already, but never left a message before! I'm glad I did now and I will be watching your work more closely! Thanks for linking to my blog, I hope more people will visit it that way :)

I have another website too, on which I have posted all of my work (my blog is empty compared to it)

Maybe you could have a look at it and tell me what you think? :)

I hope to be hearing more of you in the future and as I said, I will be visiting your site more often!

Best of wishes,